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Through Get2Press your press release is released to printed or electronic media for only:

30 € excl. VAT

pay only when press release sent


Tyken PR

Caroline Anderson-Gadd, Tyken PR: I am very content with Get2Press' online services since they help me effectuate my work. This is very important for me with a small and newly started PR company where my focus is on my child and family. The statistical monitoring is a great tool since it enables me to show my clients which media show interest for the press releases!".

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Step 2/4: Create press release

Your business or organization has a unique story to tell which is often of interest to the press. It is important that the message of your press release is short and precise.

Get easily going by writing your own press release
Your press release is typed or copied from for instance Word in the Get2Press system to which photos and files can be attached.

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